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Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

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Healing Properties

Moonstone is an irresistible stone associated with love, fertility, intuition, balance and feminine energy. It is admired for its mysterious play of light, colour and spiritual powers related to the Moon. Moonstone will guide you to connect with yourself, encouraging introspection and increasing creativity. This stone can balance the hormonal system, it may relieve disorders and pain related to menstruation and pregnancy. Moonstone is considered a positive gem for periods of change and new beginnings. It helps to relieve stress, stabilize emotions and improve empathy. Moonstone has a calming effect and removes negative energies from the aura and the body. It can deepen your connection with divine energies. Moonstone has the ability psychic gifts such as telepathy, intuition, lucid dreams and clairvoyance. It is considered a sacred stone in India: and believed that this gem was a gift from the moon to Lakshmi and Vishnu gods. To receive its benefits, place it where you feel most appropriate on your body. Wear it as jewellery to activate your inner goddess and increase your intuition and sensuality.




Third Eye and Crown Chakras


Moonstone is one of the modern birthstones established in 1912 for the month of June. It is associated with Gemini and Cancer
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