Welcome to Moon In Pisces, your serene destination for metaphysical wellness in the vibrant heart of White Rock, BC. Our boutique is a treasure trove of spiritual and self-care gems, featuring an exquisite collection of intuitively hand chosen crystals, tarot & oracles decks, candles, journals, books, and other nurturing items designed to enrich your soul and senses.

Moon In Pisces is a sanctuary for everyone, from those just starting their metaphysical journey to seasoned spiritual seekers. Our welcoming space is open to all, regardless of age, gender, race, or orientation, with a commitment to fostering an environment free from any form of exclusion.

Incorporating the owner Pleione’s vision, whose moon is in Pisces, the boutique’s ambiance embodies softness and entice a feeling of deep empathy and compassion. This connection to the Piscean energy inspires our mission: to assist others in connecting with their inner selves and finding clarity amidst life's obstacles and challenges.

The essence of Moon In Pisces is not just in the products we offer but in the tranquil and safe atmosphere we provide. We are thrilled to invite you into our world, a peaceful haven where your spiritual and self-care journey awaits. Join us at Moon In Pisces, where every visit is a step towards inner peace and enlightenment.