Our Mystical Marketplace Is finally Launched

Dive into our online boutique, where a select range of offerings awaits your exploration or visit our retail location for an in person shopping experience, where you’ll find a haven of intuitively chosen crystals and metaphysical tools to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

  • Crystals

    We are currently in the process of intuitively handpicking a large variety of crystals for the shop. Crystals and gemstones are a cornerstone of metaphysical wellness, so we are paying special care to this process.

  • Crystal Jewelry

    Wearing crystal jewelry creates a beautiful connection to the earth's roots that you carry with you. We have been choosing pieces that are highly imbued with magical properties, as well as being especially unique and beautiful.

  • Burnout Bundles

    We wanted to open our shop to help individuals grow and heal, and these bundles are part of that! These hand assembled bundles will focus on a single intention to aid their user in achieving their goals and dreams.