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The exact origins of Malachite are unknown, this is mainly because it is found all over the world and we have documented its use in a wide array of cultures. From being ground into a pigment for Cleopatra’s eyeshadow or being inlaid into a Greek warrior's weapon this beautiful green gem has been a part of human history for centuries. Malachite is above all else a stone of protection, this is mainly because of its superior absorption abilities. The gem takes up any negative energy surrounding it, be it internal or external, and converts it into more positive energy. As a result, this stone is believed to be a bringer of good health as well as luck and prosperity. Malachite also encourages emotional healing and makes it easier and less taxing for those who hold it near to let go of past or present traumas. Because of its healing and protective abilities Malachite is best paired with other gems that share a similar affinity. Our recommendations would be Black Tourmaline, one of the most powerful protective stones available, or Amethyst.


Capricorn, Libra


Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra


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