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Lepidolite is a purple or reddish-pink stone known for helping to balance and stabilize emotions. Thanks to its nurturing vibrations and properties, Lepidolite is recognized by different names: the Peace Stone, the Stone of Transition and the Grandmother Stone. Lepidolite attracts the highest cosmic energies and it is associated with inner peace and harmony. This stone is often used to bring comfort to the heart during periods of change. Lepidolite is considered a positive gemstone to relieve stress, insomnia and depression. It helps to stabilize moods and tensions. Lepidolite can transform thoughts and feelings: it acts as a bridge between the heart and the mind. This calming stone can help to overcome old patterns, negative habits or behaviours, addictions, and emotional and mental attachments. Lepidolite can help to think clearly, bringing focus and wisdom to make the right decisions. It promotes independence and brings support to achieve goals. Lepidolite can protect from electromagnetic pollution. Even when its greatest benefits are associated with energetic well-being, Lepidolite is considered beneficial to treat bipolar disorders because of its mind-balancing properties. It helps to activate the Thymus and Pituitary glands, bringing a perfect vision of things. Lepidolite can also strengthen the immune and nervous systems. To receive its spiritual gifts, place it at home for harmony or under the pillow for a restful and undisturbed sleep. Wear Lepidolite as jewellery for your spiritual journey, for balance and as a protection amulet.




Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras


Lepidolite is not considered a modern or traditional birthstone, but it is associated with the Libra zodiac sign.
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