10 Healing Crystals for Beginners

10 Healing Crystals for Beginners

So, you have decided to begin your crystal collecting journey? How exciting! Crystals are wonderful healing tools. For thousands of years, humans have valued crystals, gemstones, and rocks for both their beauty and metaphysical properties. All around the world and since prehistoric times, crystals have been used for jewelry, talismans, spiritual work, healing, and more. Now, it’s your turn to realize the power of crystals! Here at Moon In Pisces, we know it can feel overwhelming to browse shelves of gorgeous stones. That’s why today on the blog, we invite readers to learn about the 10 best healing crystals for beginners. Intro to Crystal Healing: 10 Stones You Must Have Which crystal is right for you? It all comes down to your goals, desires, intentions, and let’s face it...good old intuition, too!

Pleione and Rachel are happy to help provide spiritual growth, healing, and magical guidance. That being said, here are 10 beginner-friendly crystals anyone can benefit from.


1. Clear Quartz

First up is clear quartz. Also known as the “master healer” this transparent crystal is an all-around mind, body, and spirit cleanser. It’s also great for enhancing mental clarity.

2. Rose Quartz

Speaking of quartz, don’t miss the pink variety – rose quartz. Warm, gentle, and calm, this crystal is all about unconditional love (for both yourself, family, friends, etc.)

3. Amethyst 

Next, we have amethyst. This is a popular choice because it relieves stress and anxiety. It also helps those suffering from insomnia or nightmares. With our world being so busy and stressful nowadays, everyone can benefit from this protective purple crystal.

In fact, Moon In Pisces offers an Amethyst Keychain for on-the-go healing!

4. Lapis Lazuli

Did you know?

Rumor has it, Cleopatra wore crushed lapis lazuli as eyeshadow. Ancient Egyptians believed this stone opened the heart to love. It was also a symbol of wisdom, truth, and immortality. For us, it encourages clarity, active listening, and spiritual awareness.

5. Citrine 

Bright, yellow, and cheerful, Citrine is a must-have for beginner crystal enthusiasts. At its core, this is a joyful stone. Keep Citrine close by for happiness, optimism, and good fortune.

6. Black Tourmaline

Let’s not forget about black tourmaline. Now, granted...this is not the “prettiest” crystal. But don’t let the dull colour fool you! Black tourmaline is like having a 24/7 bodyguard.

It will protect you from negative energy, bad intentions, and psychic vampires. Phew!

7. Moonstone

The moon is full of energy. And similar to how the moon waxes and wanes, this crystal is fabulous for fresh starts. Say goodbye to things that are no longer serving you with moonstone. A lovely choice for women who want to connect with the Divine Feminine.

8. Green Aventurine

It’s not easy being green...

Unless you are green aventurine, of course! This crystal is lucky. Originally from Brazil, China, and India, it will bring opportunities to you. It’s also a very calming stone.

9. Carnelian

Are you feeling kind of “blah?” lately. Don’t worry – we totally get it.

Sometimes, you just need a little boost of motivation. That’s where carnelian comes to the rescue. This creamy orange stone is full of energy. It restores confidence, stimulates creativity, and says, “Keep going. You got this!”

10. Red Jasper

Lastly, consider adding red jasper to your collection. Any difficult situation will be made easier with this crystal. Red jasper gives you courage. But it also dispels anger and aggression.

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A guide to the 10 best healing crystals for beginners.
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